Wyspianski. A vision realised


Wyspianski. A vision realised
Soft cover, 26 x 35.5 x 1.4 kg, 170 pages

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A richly illustrated history of work of Piotr Ostrowski on the stained glass projects of Stanisław Wyspiański spanning several dozen years. This unique album devoted to the art of stained glass discloses not only the mysterious technique of the craft, but also offers a glimpse at the titbits regarding the cooperation with Andrzej Wajda during the work on stained glass for the Wyspiański 2000 Pavilion.

The album contains history of work on: Casimir the Great, Henry the Pious, Saint Stanislaus, Apollo and Polonia. Two last works were created as part of the In the making series initiated by Ostrowski, the assumption for which is production of important stained glass works that are greatly significant for the Polish heritage in front of the audience.