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    Apollo w budowie (Apollo in The Making) is our new project in collaboration with National Museum in Kraków. Our Artistic Director, Piotr Ostrowski, who previously made the 3 windows to the Wyspiański Pavilion,  decided to recreate one more of Wyspiański’s greatest artworks, Apollo: the Copernican Solar System.
    It was a composition of 3 windows realised in 1904 for the Medical Society House in Kraków. Unfortunately, the central piece suffered severe damage during the II World War, and the 1972 reconstruction turned out to be rather inadequate due to lack of resources.
    We are working with the artist’s original sketches and designs, following them as closely as possible. Even materials for our reconstruction will be brought from the same glassmill in Lamberts, Germany. The final effect will be displayed on the autumn exhibition in the National Museum. Visit us to see the process of making this unique work of art!
    Odkryj tajemnicę krakowskich witraży.
    To tu powstały najwybitniejsze dzieła polskiej
    sztuki witrażu. Z Zakładem współpracowali najwybitniejsi
    polscy artyści początku XX wieku
    Work­shop and Stained Glass Museum
    al. Krasin­skiego 23, 31–111 Krakow
    tel.: +48 512 937 979, info@stainedglass.pl
    made by mem with love